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Firkins Nissan Commercial

1611 Cortez Road West
Directions Bradenton, FL 34207

  • Sales: (941) 755-1571
  • Service: (941) 755-1571
  • Parts: (941) 755-1571

Firkins Nissan is dedicated to making your next commercial vehicle buying experience exceptional. As the leading Nissan commercial NV dealer in the Sarasota, Florida area, our knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring your next vehicle purchase experience is outstanding. The Firkins Nissan inventory of specialty commercial and passenger vans is incomparable in the area, and our dedication to customer service is unparalleled. Firkins Nissan has made the commercial vehicle buying process easier than ever for you with our upfront pricing and extensive inventory. We are a premier Nissan commercial NV dealer. Specializing in full size cargo, midsize NV 200 cargo, and NV passenger vans, Firkins Nissan is committed to providing a complete inventory for individuals, businesses, and fleet customers. We will always provide you with great service at a great price.

Through our virtual dealership, you can view our available inventory to find the perfect vehicle for your business or personal needs. Our upfront pricing, available on our website, ensures your vehicle buying experience is free from the hassle often found at other dealerships. In addition to our commercial and cargo vehicles, Firkins also features new and used cars, a comprehensive service department, and body shop. Firkins Nissan is committed to good service before, during, and after the sale.

Conveniently located in Bradenton, we also proudly serve the Sarasota and Ruskin, FL areas. When you need a specialty cargo, passenger, or commercial van, find out what makes Firkins Nissan different. Check out our online inventory, and then stop by for a truly exceptional commercial car buying experience. We're ready to help you today.

Get on TRAC!
TRAC Leasing is the fleet financing solution for NMAC business customers.
What is TRAC Leasing?
  • A Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease is for vehicles used more than 50% of the time in the trade or business of the Lessee (customer).
  • A TRAC Lease is a unique version of the FMV lease. The risk and reward of ownership is transferred to the Lessee through the TRAC clause.
  • The TRAC clause stipulates a residual value of the leased vehicle upon lease maturity.
  • A TRAC lease has a preset residual value, eliminating the Lessee's exposure to a Fair Market Value settlement at lease maturity.
TRAC Lease Advantages
  • Larger advances.
  • Tax-affected payments rates.
  • Services and conveniences other finance products do not offer.
Here's Why
  • All Commercial Vehicle Landing qualifies.
  • NMAC's cost of funds is a strong competitive advantage for credit-qualified borrowers.
  • Favorable accounting treatments provide cash-flow benefits.
  • Customer and dealer set residual value with NMAC's approval.
  • A one-stop shopping experience when ordering and arranging financing for Commercial Vehicles.
Tax Advantages
TRAC Leases are commonly considered off-balance-sheet financing. The lease is generally treated as a 100% tax-deductible operating expense, not a capital acquisition. Consult your tax advisor for more information.
Customized line of credit
Working capital is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. We've created our line-of-credit program as a tool for principals and partners who know the value of accessible capital.
One approval, one solution, because time is money
Following an initial review and approval of your application, you will be able to acquire vehicles when you need them. As your business grows, your line of credit will be here to support each venture.
  • Added equipment, original equipment-manufacturer accessories and taxes are included.
  • No commitment fees apply.
  • Approved, extended warranty and aftermarket insurance products may qualify. Contact your Commercial Vehicle Lending dealer for a menu of approved items.
  • Pre-owned service and fleet vehicles may be approved in the financing package. Terms and conditions will vary according to make and model.
  • Purchase and lease contracts qualify.



Shami Choon Delivers First Class Service And Quality Fleet Vehicles Right To Your Door

As you watch your brand-new van roll out on a service call, you just can't help but smile. A few hours ago, your technician called to say his fleet vehicle was out of service. You had two choices: reschedule all the calls on that route or get another vehicle immediately. Because you know Shami Choon from Firkins Nissan Commercial, that choice was simple. Two hours after you picked up the phone, Shami arrived with a new van, as well as completed paperwork. An hour after that, your tech was back on the road, and that route was back on a paying basis.

      Once again, Shami and Firkins Nissan delivered the commercial fleet vehicle you needed to keep your business going and growing.


Building It Right, One Customer At A Time

Firkins Nissan Commercial Fleet Sales Manager, Shami Choon, has been in the car business since 2006. In 2013, when he made the decision to go to work for a local, family-owned dealership, Shami found Firkins.

      "At the time, Firkins Nissan didn't really have a commercial division. What they did have was local ownership with the right focus on customer satisfaction. I was excited to come in and expand their commercial business," Shami says.

      "I have greater flexibility in taking care of our customers. We can do things other dealerships can't do. Business owners have different concerns than private buyers. We understand that and do our best to accommodate those concerns."

      Shami says customers remain loyal when you have a great product and you're accessible and easy to deal with. "When you're running a business, you just don't have time to come sit in a dealership for hours waiting on a deal to get done. With me, buyers don't have to come to the dealership at all. They call me, we talk about what they need, I find it and deliver it to their door."



Firkins Nissan Commercial Fleet and Sales is located at 1611 Cortez Road West in Bradenton, 34207. Call 941-755-1571 or click




Shami Choon

Commercial Fleet Sales Manager


"I've bought six vehicles and never had to leave my office!"

I've bought six vehicles from Firkins in the past few years, and I get the same excellent, worry-free service every time. That's what keeps me coming back. I have an air conditioning business and a fleet of 26 vans. I won't call anyone but Firkins. Shami is amazing. He makes the entire process as convenient as possible for me. I call him up, tell him what I'm looking for and he faxes over the specs and a price. If we have a deal, he delivers the vehicle and I sign all the paperwork right there. Six vehicles and I've never once had to leave my office!

Anyone can sell you a new vehicle. It's how they treat you after the sale that really matters. Firkins is second to none. I won't do business with anyone else."

Todd Thompson

"He always gives us the rock bottom price, great financing and delivery service."

My name is Gary Christopher, owner of Gary Air Heating & Cooling in Sarasota, FL since 1997. We currently have a fleet of vehicles for service,maintenance and installation of AC units. In this competitive market promising people we will be there on time is critical as you can imagine. In order to maintain this kind of service all of my vehicles must be extremely dependable, look sharp and have features that help my service technicians get the job done efficiently.

After trying several different vehicles brands none of them have met this criteria until we made the move to Nissan. Their NP2500 work vans are amazing. They come with features I didn't know existed in a work van like 120 volt AC outlets. Do you realize how much that increases efficiency with all the battery operated tools needing charging? Who would have thought of that? Great feature.  But it's not only the vans, it's the service that we are given by Shami Choon, Firkins sales manager for commercial vehicles.

This gentleman lives,eats, sleeps service to his customers. He always gives us the rock bottom price, great financing and delivery service that I have yet to see any where else. That's impressive. That's what I need. I'm not in the trucking business, I just use trucks and when I need one I need it now without a sales pitch. Shami delivers 100%. He is a great asset to Firkins and they are lucky to have him.Thank you Firkins and thank you Mr. Choon."

Gary Christopher
Owner of Gary Air Heating & Cooling in Sarasota FL

"My Satisfaction Is 12 Out Of 10"

John Leavy has been a Firkins Nissan Commercial customer for about three years. "My experience has been absolutely excellent from the moment I picked up the phone. Shami made sure everything was so easy for me. The first truck I bought, I went into the dealership, but I wasn't there for more than 20 minutes. They had the truck and the paperwork ready when I arrived. Since then I've bought three more trucks, and the experience just keeps getting easier. Now when I call, Shami brings the truck and the paperwork to me. Think about it from a business owner's perspective. I don't have to leave my office, invest three hours of my day. The time I save is invaluable.

"I've bought other trucks from other dealerships, and there's no comparison. With Firkins Nissan it's like night and day, a 10 out of 10-no, make that 12 out of 10, because Shami goes way above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied."

John Leavy
Owner of Luminous Electric


"Honest, No-Nonsense Service"

Jeff Alloway has been a Firkins Nissan Commercial customer for about three years. "I just bought three more units from Shami last month. He's one of the few people who actually called me to make an appointment to discuss our fleet needs. I appreciated that consideration. When he came out and got right to the point, no nonsense and honest, I appreciated that even more. Here's a straight-shooting guy who respects me and my time.

      "To be honest, most guys who come in for sales calls, I send them right back out, but Shami has treated me right. He's efficient, on time, and his follow-up is exceptional. His communication is great, and he stays right on top of things to make sure you get what you need. When you meet somebody, you get a vibe from them. Shami's vibe is so positive, you like him from the moment you meet him. You know he's here to help you and your business."

Jeff Alloway


"Firkins Nissan Delivers 100 Percent"

Gary Christopher says his customers depend on him, and that's why he depends on Firkins Nissan.

      "In order to maintain the kind of service my customers have come to expect, my vehicles must be extremely dependable, look sharp, and have all the features my technicians need to get the job done.

      "I tried several different brands, but none of them met my criteria until we made the move to Nissan. Their NP2500 work vans are amazing. They come with great features that help my service techs work much more efficiently.

      "That's why I choose Nissan, but I choose Firkins Nissan because of Shami Choon. This gentleman lives, eats, and sleeps customer service! I can always count on Shami for rock-bottom prices, great financing, and outstanding service. Firkins and Shami deliver 100 percent!"

Gary Christopher
Owner of Gary Air Heating & Cooling in Sarasota FL